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You can’t escape the construction. If you’re not dodging orange barrels on your way to work, you’re sitting in traffic that’s barely moving. Louisiana is full of roadwork projects these days, but none are more frustrating than the I-10 widening project.

This is our project of main concern and it’s a battle we’ve been fighting for decades.

“In 1999, we began this project by requesting that the single lane stripe at the top of the entrance curve to Baton Rouge be removed and straight to two lanes,” said Coleman Brown. “This request was hand-delivered to the secretary of the department of transportation an and it was done two days after the request was made.” 

Our three year, under $100 million plan widens the seven existing choke points and saves $1 billion and 20 years of construction.

  1. Widen the north side of the entry curve.
  2. Close the Washington Street exit. To replace the Washington exit, I-10 drops down to a single lane while approaching the Washington exit. 60,000 square feet of right of way could be used to add three lanes to the one lane I-10 Washington exit.
  3. Relocate Washington to Louise Street at Dalrymple and Louise at westbound, Texas U for Eastbound Washington entrance.
  4. Demolish the Washington exit and move the Washington entrance westbound to allow for four and five lanes eastbound
  5. Create continuous lanes connecting the Washington entrance with the Dow Ripple. And the Dalrymple westbound entrance with the Louise Exit,
  6. DOTD’S plan needlessly doubles the width of the city park bridges.
  7. Leave the Perkins Road ramps open.
  8. Extend the Perkins entrance 1500 feet, and Acadian entrance 500 feet to achieve four lanes westbound.
Effective efficient government as it affects East Baton Rouge Parish Infrastructure.

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