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Garey Forster: An alternative to that new Mississippi River bridge

In the Louisiana Legislature, you have to know when to fish and when to cut bait. Gov. John Bel Edwards served in the House and is now in his final term, a lame duck. He saw that pearl of wisdom in action with his predecessor.

DOTD announces closures on I-10, I-12 in Baton Rouge

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announces that beginning Saturday, June 24, I-12 eastbound will have a full closure at the I-10/ I-12 split from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in Baton Rouge.

Fate of new Mississippi River bridge could hinge on outcome of governors’ race

The 2023 Louisiana Legislative Session marked the last in Gov. John Bel Edwards’s administration and furthered speculation over the future of a proposed bridge between Plaquemine and St. Gabriel.

Some concerned about lane closures during I-10 widening project as construction start date inches closer

Traffic is always an issue in Baton Rouge and DOTD says the Widening Project will help fix that problem, but before it can get better it will likely mean sitting in more standstill traffic when lanes are reduced. 

DOTD would pay city-parish $5M to cooperate on City Park Lake, I-10 projects under proposed agreement

East Baton Rouge Parish’s City Park Lake dredging effort and the state’s Interstate 10 widening work will overlap, so the two sides have drawn up an agreement to facilitate both projects. 

U.S. Rep. Graves says new Mississippi crossing in Iberville leaves need for solution farther north

Even as officials look to pick a location for a new Mississippi River bridge among three options in Iberville Parish, U.S. Rep. Garret Graves says the state should be searching for additional solutions closer to Interstate 10 and U.S. 190. 

Officials plan to use 15 different routes during I-10 widening project

Officials are working on creating new corridors for drivers to get around the city during the I-10 widening project.

The I-10 widening project will have the interstate expanding to four lanes each way from the Mississippi River Bridge to the 10-12 split.

State plans to reduce I-10 to two lanes in Baton Rouge for a year

Each side of I-10 will be reduced to just two lanes through a portion of Baton Rouge for about a year as part of a long-running, multi-million-dollar expansion project, according to state transportation officials. 

DOTD says parts of I-10 will have lane reductions for a year for widening project

The slow, bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go traffic on I-10 is anything but pleasant. Relief from that could be coming but will likely mean things will get a lot worse before they get better. Next year, the state will start a widening project in both directions from Acadian Thruway to the I-10/I-110 split near Government Street.

Fear of Baton Rouge traffic drives misinformation on I-10 expansion project

Louisiana officials are working to dispel misinformation that has prompted truck drivers and the state attorney general to voice last-minute complaints about traffic due to planned lane closures for an Interstate 10 widening project in Baton Rouge.

I-10 project is expected to be a traffic nightmare. Officials hope these upgrades will help.

There’s a bit of good news city-parish officials are hoping will help drivers cope with the bad news about the $1.2 billion Interstate 10 widening project

Letters: An alternative for Baton Rouge I-110 improvements could save $1 billion

Four years ago, the East Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce (not to be confused with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber) suggested the $8.8 million Terrace Street exit to solve southbound Interstate 110 crossover traffic conflicts on the Interstate 10 Washington exit in Baton Rouge. 

EBR Chamber chairman: Why is there no public debate on DOTD's interstate widening plan?

In this past year since DOTD made its surprise interstate widening announcement for the Baton Rouge area, The Advocate has published at least three letters on our suggestions for interstate congestion relief in the parish. 

Letter: $1B to fix Baton Rouge traffic? Here are 10 ideas for cost-saving alternatives

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has a four-phase plan to reduce traffic congestion on Interstate 10, with Phase 1 alone costing $360 million and a minimum of four years.

Chamber of Commerce official: Explore cost benefit of Baton Rouge road projects

Four years ago, the East Baton Rouge Parish Chamber of Commerce, which represents small businesses, suggested the Terrace Interstate 110 exit to relieve (replace) the famous 50-year old design failure at the Washington Street Exit. In July 2019, Interstate 110 vehicles will no longer slam unsuspecting New Bridge eastbound motorists.

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